GM and Player Expectations

As a great Sensei once said, “The things we cling to, depend greatly on our own point of view.” This is also true of this new system. Before delving into what characters need to bring to the table character-wise, it is important to discuss what players bring to the table attitude-wise and how they, and the game master, intend to interact with each other, and the story as a whole.

Number of Players

There will be no more than 5 players in total. Characters must create a character using the guidelines set out in the Leged of the Five Rings Core Rulebook and have their characters fit into the story. It is expected that players will work together to come up with a cohesive group and story of why they are all together. Character ideas can be explored prior to “Session 0” via consultation with the game master, but final character creation will not take place until “Session 0” where all players are at the table.

Player’s Expectations of the Game Master

As the Game Master, I am not an expert on the rules. I have an extensive amount of experience with running role playing games and have attempted to learn as many of the rules of the game as possible. I do not claim to be an expert on them.

The rules are extensive, but are purposely vague in some areas to allow the story telling to flow more easily instead of being shoe-horned into a rigid set of rules. The rules though, as they exist, are a guideline only, and will always take a back-seat to the story that we are creating together as a group. In its simplest form: The story and “what looks good on film” always trumps the rules, favouring the heroes are the story. This is often referred to as Rule #1, with Rule #0 being that you are there to have fun.

As the Game Master, I will need to make judgement calls from time to time which may not be to the liking of some players. I understand and accept that I may be wrong in those decisions. All I ask is that if I make a call – you run with it. There is a time and a place for rules discussions – in the middle of a session is not one them. Feel free however to discuss a decision I’ve made at the end of the session or during the downtime between sessions over the phone, in person, via e-mail or on social media (Facebook Messenger is preferred).

I acknowledge that the characters are the central part of the story and that the time and effort you put into your characters may be very time concuming and important to you. I therefore promise not to “screw” the players over. I promise to make the campaign as exciting and fun as possible. I will, to the best of my ability, attempt to make your time on Rokugan enjoyable. Hopefully, it will be a positive experience that you will remember for many years to come.

Game Master’s Expectations of the Players

#1: Players will provide their availability without exception. This will be in the form of a Facebook Event. Failure to comply with this on two (2) occasions will result in the player being asked to leave the campaign.

#2: You may use the Adventure Log on Obsidian Portal to journalise your character’s adventures. This is not a requirement but may generate further adventure opportunities. Comments should be at least 1-2 paragraphs in length and explain what has happened during the session from that player character’s perspective. For this, you will gain a free ’re-roll". This free re-roll is not cumulative and must be used during that next session. If a player places a comment under the Adventure Log for that episode’s entry, they will be receive one (1) re-roll for the next session. The re-roll is for a single skill check.

#3: Players are expected to have a working Facebook account in order to communicate freely with the other players. In the case of exceptional circumstances (i.e. personal beliefs, etc.), the player in question will discuss this at length with the Game Master prior to the start of the campaign.

#4: Notice of a scheduled session will be provided at least 6 weeks in advance. Spontaneous sessions may be organised from time to time, but only if all players are given the opportunity to attend and all players are able to attend (unless they agree that they are happy to miss that session). At no time will pressure be applied by any player or the Game Master in an attempt to have that player attend. The Game Master may cancel a session at any time and where practicable will provide a minimum of 7 days notice. The Game Master may also pause the campaign at any time at his discretion.

#5: Players will be expected to attend sessions as arranged. Sessions will continue if at least four (4) players and the Game Master are available to play. Players shall give at least 2 weeks notice that they will be unable to attend a session, except under circumstances which are acceptable to the Game Master (i.e. family emergency, sudden illness, zombie apocalypse, etc).

#6: Play-testing of material by Fantasy Flight Games may be made available to the play group from time to time. It is expected that players (inclusive of the Game Master) who participate will make every effort to take part in sessions organised to play-test that material (also see point #3). Players will be required to provide feedback and to answer questions put to the play group by the developers. Players will respond to these requests in a timely manner in order to meet deadlines, the details of which will be made available to players at the start of the play-testing period.

#7: Players will not be expected to be experts in the Legend of the Five Rings setting. Concepts, and other subjects which may be outside the realm of common knowledge will be explained as required. Players are asked however to make some effort to learn about the setting – which may amount to nothing more reading the introduction chapter of the core rules.

#8: Cheating will not be tolerated. If a player feels that they need to cheat with dice rolls, XP or any other aspect of the game, this is not the game or the Game Master for them. Should at least two other players report this type of behaviour, the offending player will be removed from the campaign. Period. Cheating is not just cheating the Game Master, but is completely unfair to other fellow players and a sign of disrespect and selfishness. “Winning” at a role playing game goes against the nature of that style of game, while having fun is.

#9: Players will report any concerns they have about the game or the unacceptable behaviour of any player to the Game Master as soon as possible so that the situation may be dealt with promptly and in as diplomatic a way as possible. Unacceptable behaviour includes remarks that may be construed as bullying, insulting, inappropriate, racist, derogatory, or insulting of a person’s sexual persuasions or beliefs.

#10: Official FFG Dice will be the only medium used at the table. The use of the FFG Dice Roller will not be allowed.

Experience Points

Players can be expected to earn approximately 1XP per hour of play. Bonuses may be provided for storyline achievements.

GM and Player Expectations

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